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Mega Millions Random Number Assistant card deck



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Brand new custom Lottery Luck® card deck specifically designed for assisting you with picking Mega Millions+ state lottery numbers.  Lottery Luck® – Another way to pick your numbers.  Lottery system.

New item. Professionally printed and shrink wrapped right here in the U.S.A.

The card deck consists of two ranges of cards.  The first being 1 through 70, and the second being 1 through 25. Shuffle both decks of cards, but keep them separate.  Randomly select (5) cards from the blue deck (cards numbered 1-70) and fill in the play slip with the (5) numbers selected.  Randomly select (1) card from the red deck (cards numbered 1-25) and fill in the Mega Ball on the play slip.Make it fun.  Pick cards using a variety of methods.  Shuffle and throw off the top card(s).  Randomly pick from the deck; or lay them face down and pick at random.


Packaged and distributed by Lottery Retail Supply Co. Hampton, VA.  Made in the USA.

Virginia has a origin sales tax so a 6% Virginia state sales tax (and regional tax) applies to all purchases.

Disclaimer: This product does not increase your chances of winning any prize.

+Mega Millions is a registered trademark of Illinois Department of Revenue, Lottery Program State Agency, which is not affiliated with nor do they endorse this product.




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