f7601c33-08aa-499a-94c5-23697d1ddc2aLottery Luck products are designed to complement the U.S. state lottery games. Lottery Luck’s random number assistants provides the consumer another way to pick your lottery numbers. It’s a new, fun, and interactive way to pick your lottery numbers. Lottery Luck also offers good luck charms and lottery ticket scratch tokens.

The Lottery Luck logo and trademark design is based on a leprechaun. The myths and folklores of the leprechaun vary, but most have similarities where they are elusive, the same way the winning lottery numbers are elusive for most lottery players. If caught, leprechauns will grant you three wishes and could possibly lead you to a pot of gold. We are teaming up with the elusive leprechaun so he can help us find that pot of gold (i.e. state lottery win).

Lottery Luck is a registered trademark exclusively used by Lottery Retail Supply Company.



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